CoT and DoT

CoT (Contract of Things) and DoT (Document of Things) are the intersection of all the contracts and documents in our personal and professional life. Using IoT concepts we’ve developed products that allow users to build, manage and distribute contracts and documents all from one central location. CoT / DoT also allows for data, records, contracts and transactions to be tracked and managed continuously over time.

DocuWalk - The first CoT and DoT product


ShelterZoom’s full suite of solutions give users an all-encompassing platform to create, store, manage, and negotiate all types of documents and contracts. No other consumer software platform brings this many individual functions under one roof with the same degree of blockchain-based security provided by ShelterZoom. Our award-winning, cutting-edge brings both the business and personal world fully into the digital universe in a way that is safe, secure, and fully scalable.


Keep all your records safe in one digital home with 1-Wallet. A safe harbor for all your documents, contracts, property records, wills, birth and health records, identification, family history, and any other digital asset that requires safekeeping. You can upload it all into your personal blockchain-based 1-Wallet and rest easy knowing it is protected.

ShelterZoom 1-Link

Your link to use across any shareable platform—social media, emails, text messages and more.

Here’s a look at what your clients receive when you send them your link. A custom-branded email with all the important information in one place, with the option for your client to make an offer directly from your email.

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The first blockchain real estate application for making and receiving offers.

Choose from a button on your website or a shareable link, so buyers can make an offer from anywhere, anytime. See our Pricing Page for Offer Now options.

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Save Time, Streamline Your Offers, Eliminate Paperwork.


Powered by blockchain, One of the most secure transaction platforms on the Internet.


Strengthen trust with your clients through instant communication during the offer process.